The IFC announces its investment plans for Ukraine.

26 Jul 2023 The IFC announces its investment plans for Ukraine.

The International Financial Corporation (IFC) has decided on its investment directions in Ukraine, said Vice President of the IFC Alfonso Garcia Mora.

“Since the war began, we have already invested about $400M in private sector companies in financial services, agribusiness, IT, and technology in Ukraine. These are the sectors of the economy that we consider to be critically important for the country and will play a major role in its recovery. We have many potential projects in which we can invest, supporting business in Ukraine,” said the vice president of the IFC.

According to him, there are several priorities, “The first is to ensure that companies and the private sector are resilient and continue to operate despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The second is developing a strategy to rebuild and reconstruct to create a strong country and economy. For this, the IFC has approved a $2B program, which we are investing in Ukraine. The third sector is IT. I think that Ukraine has enormous potential in IT, and this has already been proven.”