Bayer reveals its €60M investment plans in Ukraine

07 Apr 2023 Bayer reveals its €60M investment plans in Ukraine

The German company Bayer will increase the planned €35M investment package to €60M in order to expand a plant that produces corn seeds in Pochuyki, Zhytomyr region. The funds will be used for the construction of an additional seed dryer, the purchase of modern field equipment, warehouse expansion, and the construction of two bomb shelters on plant territory for worker safety.

As Bayer explained, additional investment will help expand the plant’s capacity to meet domestic demand for corn seeds and significantly strengthen Ukraine’s export position on the world market.

Even before the full-scale war, the company invested about €200M in the production of corn seeds through a network of Ukrainian farmers and a seed processing plant in Pochuyki. The plant is one of the largest investors in the region: its taxes make up about 25% of the local community’s budget.